Pre-Engineered Building System (PEB)

A Pre-Engineered Building (PEB) is a metal building that consists of light gauge Steel Structures as Primary Members

Often referred as I or H Beams, which are usually formed by welding together steel plates to form the sections. The Frames are tapered (Web depth) according to local loading effects and larger plate dimensions are used in areas of higher load effects. Cold formed Z and C shaped sections are used as secondary structural elements to support and connect the trusses and also to fasten Roofing and Cladding Sheets. In order to accurately design a Pre-Engineered Building as per the customer requirement, we at ACETECHPEB always consider the clear span between bearing points, bay spacing, roof slope, live loads, dead loads, collateral loads, wind uplift, deflection criteria, internal crane system and maximum practical size and weight of fabricated members. PEBs are relatively flexible structure compared to conventional steel framed building and have greater vertical and horizontal deflection. An efficiently designed pre-engineered building can be lighter than the conventional steel buildings by up to 30%. Thus, lighter weight equates to less steel and a potential price savings in structural framework.

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PEB has ultimate design flexibility, cost effective, durability, flexibility in future expansion, environmental friendly and can be installed within a short span of time. Building design, fabrication, delivery, and installation is managed through one single source. The building design is optimized because there is virtually no waste in the manufacturing process, constructs quickly, saves energy, and is long-lasting. PEBs are best suited for Warehouses, Factories, Showrooms, Sport Halls, Workshops, Power Plants, Distribution Centers, Cold Storages, Super Markets, Aircraft Hangers, Educational Institutions, Offices, Hospitals, Multi-storey Buildings, etc. Most importantly, the structural design for a building must ensure that the building is able to stand up safely, able to function without excessive deflections or movements which may cause fatigue of structural elements, cracking or failure of fixtures, fittings or partitions, or discomfort for occupants. It must account for movements and forces due to temperature, creep, cracking and imposed loads. It must also ensure that the design is practically buildable within acceptable manufacturing tolerances of the materials.