Turbo Roof Ventilators

A turbo air ventilator uses air energy to move out the airflow.

Benefits of Using Acetech Turbo Roof Ventilators

  • It functions 24 hours which means there will be continuous ventilation and the polluted air will be continuously replaced with fresh air.
  • Economical in price
  • No operational cost
  • Zero maintenance
  • Designed to withstand up to 140 km/h wind speed
  • Non-corrosive
  • Environment friendly and energy saving

Turbo Roof Ventilators are widely used in Industrial sheds, Factories, Warehouses, Paint Shop, Hotels & Restaurants, Hospitals, etc.

The centrifugal power formed by revolving blades in the result develops a zone with lower pressure which automatically brings fresh air inside the room from the outside area, without using mechanical system. The turbo air ventilator functions non-stop to substitute hot and polluted air with fresh air. Wind pressure with minimum force rotates Turbo Air Vent which continues processing even after air stops coming and ventilator’s flywheel will utilize deposited vitality to rotate and preserve fresh airflow. Its main function is to introduce a constant supply of fresh air, usually from the outside, while channeling stale air back out.